Remanufactured Ford/ Holley 94 Carburetor, Model 59, For flathead

This is a Ford/Holley 94 carburetor. It is model 59. It has Ford script and model 59 circle on opposite side.

Idle and emulsion tubes were ultrasonic cleaned. Linkage parts were vibratory cleaned and left a satin finish. Could easily be polished if desired by buyer.

51 JetsNEW Ethanol compatible needle and seat (Steel new old stock needle with brass seat)NEW Stainless steel and brass screwsNEW Throttle platesNEW Extended throttle shaftNEW 7.5″ Power valve (properly machined NOT to leak)NEW E-10 compatible gaskets (double thick for no leaks)NEW Reusable nylon bowl plug and power valve gaskets (no leaks)NEW Accelerator pump delay spring.NEW Accelerator pump return springNEW Edelbrock 3/8″ fuel inlet, not pictured, that seals on outside via crush washer.

Buyer will need to perform final idle air/fuel adjustment and idle speed adjustment along with possible float adjustment. (instructions included) This unit DOES NOT have a vacuum port for distributor. I appreciate you looking at my item.

Price And More Info!
November 11, 2017 5:24 am



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