1965 Nissan Other Convertible 1965 Nissan Patrol – Ready to Enjoy, Rust Free, Rare Truck!

This 1965 Nissan Patrol is a left-hand drive, three-door example with an indicated 75k kilometers (~47k miles). Fewer than 3000 60-series Patrols officially made it to the US during the 1960s, though they were more common in South America. This one remained with its original owner in Bogotá, Colombia until coming to the US in 2010.

0L inline-six, 3-speed manual, and 4×4 system, but was cosmetically refreshed with new paint and upholstery after its importation. It is a nice driver condition truck, that drives wonderfully. The truck presents well for a driver and looks at home off road, and a looks a little sharper in pictures than in person, but still presents very nicely.

Since buying the truck the front has been disassembled to repaint the fenders and install fresh seam beading. Slab-sided panels appear free of damage repair, while occasional waviness can be spotted down the sides. No meaningful rust has been found after the body was gone over in detail, and exterior corrosion appears limited to surface discoloration at panel edges and hinges.

Both bumpers appear stock, the front with an integrated tow hook and hand-crank starter guide and the somewhat bent rear with a built-in step and pintle hook tow hitch. Minimal bright trim looks straight and shows well, including a newly re-chromed grille trim bar and freshly polished headlamp bezels. The doors include removable top halves and glass looks serviceable in the flip-down windshield with built-in overhead wiper motors.

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December 30, 2016 5:18 pm



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